B&L Biotech USA Inc.
Where innovation meets excellence.

Dentistry, as a profession, can be seen as a problem-solving field. For co-founders, Dr. Inwhan Lee and Dr. Seungho Baek, providing quality endodontic care meant using efficient, user-friendly products. However, they found themselves limited by current obturation devices and no matter how much they searched; they couldn’t find ones that met their needs. Frustrated that they couldn’t provide the best care for their patients, Dr. Lee and Dr. Baek with several colleagues decided to be proactive and co-founded B&L Biotech in 2003.

Anchored by the knowledge stemming from personal experience and the goal to improve the quality of treatment delivery and patient care, B&L focuses on the innovation of effective, user-friendly products in the field of endodontics. Committed to providing endodontists with equipment they can trust, B&L partnered with a leading dental company to introduce the first cordless heated plugger and gutta percha delivery system, known respectively as the B&L Alpha II and Beta. With the introduction of these game changing products, B&L is becoming one of the fastest rising companies in the global dental community known for customer service and quality products. B&L currently services over 32 countries and in May 2010, it opened its first facility in the US.

In addition to the Alpha II and Beta, B&L has many other products to offer, including the patented micro-projection ultrasonic tip. With many more exciting items waiting in the pipelines in addition to updates to existing products, B&L will continue to maintain quality, excellence, and service to the worldwide dental community.