Alpha & Beta Mini

Cordless Obturation Devices For Warm Vertical Condensation & Optimal Backfill

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Digital Endodontic Ruler

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GP Gauge & Cutter

Gutta Percha Gauge And Cutter

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Cordless Curing Light

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Our Story

B&L Biotech was established by several dentists. These dentists, who specialized in endodontics, shared a common goal of developing products with innovation and excellence.

With this view, B&L Biotech had actively invested in the R&D field, so introduced the first cordless heat source system and gutta-percha delivery system, known respectively as the B&L Alpha II and the B&L Beta/Beta Mini.

And B&L Biotech introduced other products such as micro-projection ultrasonic tips and surgical instruments after years of technology development.

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Bendable Ultrasonic Tip