All units have 1 year warranty from the purchase date and all repair parts have a 3-month warranty.



The warranty on batteries is 6-months. After the first 6-months, lithium-ion batteries’ life is reduced and continues to reduce. So, it is recommended that customers replace their batteries after 2 years for optimal battery usage.


We recommend plugger sterilization at 130-134 C for 5 minutes by autoclave. Should the plugger be stained with a sealer, clean with gauze and alcohol immediately.

Satelac: P5 Satelac, Dentsply, Ultra Piezo Booster (not the Dentsply Caritron), Suprasson

Tulsa: Pro-Ultra

Spartan: EIE Analytic, MTS-1, Spartan Wave

Sybron: Analytic Mini-Endo

NSK: Brasseler Varios

Vista Dental: Pilot

Our tips do NOT fit on Enac (e.g. OSADA)

No, only the Maxpack (Alpha)

B&L no-shape pluggers work best on System B vs. the 6-slotted

Yes, below 134 Celsius.

Steel alloy