New Kimtrac Ni-Ti Set (Retail)


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 Shape Memory (Ni-Ti model)  KTNNS

After the blade is bent , the blade will return to its original shape after sterilizing at a high temperature in the autoclave. 

 Excellent handle grip and blade with serrated edges
  Handle: it is ergonomically designed to reduce the fatigue when holding the handle for long periods of time. 
  Blade: Depending on the appearance of the sebaceous bone, a variety of sizes and shapes of the blades can be selectively used. The serrated edges of the blade are able to secure the sebaceous bone. It avoids slipping into the gum and tearing the reflected tissue. 

Various shapes 
 4 types of blades can be selectively used by the shape and angle of the surgical site. 

Includes KT1N blade, KTNWT (wing), KTNSS (autoclaving cap). Additional blades can be purchased separately. 

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