Customer Review

Derrick Wang, DMD Clinical Assistant Professor of Endodontics at Washington University

"The Digital R is like a microscope for my endodontic files, but better. I no longer need to read the mm markings on a regular endo ruler. Digital R accurately tells me the exact length based on the apex locator reading. It’s a necessity in endodontic treatments if you have a hard time reading mm markings like me."

Frank Setzer, DMD, MS, PhD Associate Professor of Endodontics

"The cordless Alpha and Beta units are by far the most convenient devices for a warm-vertical technique I have used so far. Both units convince by their sophisticated design and precision in clinical use."

Dr. Wyatt Simons DDS, San Clemente, CA. USA

"The ease of use of the B&L Alpha and Beta have helped me in my pursuit to reveal and Cork the inherent beauty found in many teeth."

Syngcuk Kim, Philadelphia, PA, USA (UPENN Endodontics Dept)

"Specially designed surgical set up specifically for Microsurgery - no comparable set up available on the market."