[NEW] B&L Beta Mini Starter Kit [Pink]

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Cordless obturation device for optimal backfill
B&L Beta Mini Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 starter pack of obturation needles (2-BSN2420, 4-BSN2423, and 2-BSN2425)
  • 1 starter pack of gutta percha regular (100 pellets)
  • 1 Needle bender/wrench
  • 2 cleaning brushes
  • 1 Beta Mini plunger
  • 3 Beta Mini thermal protectors
  • 1 Beta Mini silicon cover
  • Charging console
  • Power cord and adaptor

Unique design and engineering
· Incorporates the 360 degree Swivel Needles, as well as cordless and ergonomic features, for maximum user convenience.

OLED Display
· Provides clearer and more diverse information.

Heating Mechanism
· Faster to reach desired temperature. Waiting time reduced to approximately 10-15%.

· Great weight distribution for ease of use.

Light Weight
· Compacted and lighter in weight reduces fatigue, especially for small hands.

Effortless Squeeze
· Comfortable grip of hand piece allows effortless squeeze of gutta-perch.

· No limit on usage, reduces fatigue on hand and wrist

Secondary safety feature against accidental burns
· Thermal protector cap that prevents accidental burns from a hot needle or gutta percha.

Extended battery time for operator
· 4 hours of continual use on a single charge, equivalent to about 1 week of endodontic treatment in a busy practice.

Charging Console
· No need to align and insert the device to charging console for proper charging. Simply place the device on the charging console for charging.

* Device + charging base comes with 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.