B&L Alpha II Starter Kit [Pink]

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Cordless obturation device for optimal warm vertical condensation

B&L Alpha II Starter Kit includes:

  • Starter pack of 3 pluggers (BP 55/06, BP 55/08, and BP 55/10)

  • Charging console

  • Power adaptor and power cord

Maximizes user convenience 
· Unique design that incorporates cordless and ergonomic features. 
· Great weight distribution for ease of use. 
· No limit on usage, reduces fatigue on hand and wrist. 
Hexagonal keyholes 
· Six keyholes (in increments of 60 degrees) on the connecting joint of the plugger safely secure and prevent rotation of the plugger during use. 
Extended battery time for operator 
· 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge, equivalent to about 1 week of endodontic treatment in a busy practice.

* Device + base comes with 1-year warranty from the date of purchase