JT2RA: B&L Ultrasonic Apico Tip for Anterior & Posterior (Right)

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Bent Body Angle of 150 degrees
JT-2R is bent 90 degrees to the right at the end of the bent body

  • specially designed for treatment on the LEFT side of posterior teeth
JETip Types and Recommended Intensity for the ultrasonic unit
A Type ( ex: JT2-RA ) for SATELEC Recommended Intensity: 10-20% of the maximum
E Type ( ex: JT2-RE ) for EMS Recommended Intensity: 10% of the maximum
*E-type is no longer available in the US

Bendable Apical Surgery Tips

· JETip is an apico surgery tip that allows clinicians to bend the tip to any length and angle to suit their surgical needs.

Longevity and Safety with Micro-projection

· JETips have sharp, abrasive micro-projections integrated onto the main body of the tip.
· Unlike conventional diamond coated endodontic tips, whose coating wears off during surgery, tips with micro-projections are more resilient and efficient in cutting.


· JETips have a variety of shapes and sizes, so users can effectively control the amount of gutta-percha and dentin removal.

· They remain stable during the removal of gutta-percha.


1. Select the appropriate tip for the procedure, based on the chart.

2. Install the tip to the handpiece of the ultrasonic scaler by using the supplied wrench. Do not use accessive force when tightening the tips. 

3. After the JETip is installed to the handpiece, please make sure that the water is being sprayed through the water sprout prior to use. 

4. Please avoid direct contact with metal or ceramic restorative materials when using this tip.

Note: Ultrasonic tip wrench is not included. The wrench can be purchased separately.