Titanium Jetip Instrument Surgical Deluxe Set

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Includes Jetip Surgical Basic set + Jetip Instrument Suture Set


Silver: Examination and diagnosis
Gold: Soft tissue management and tissue elevation
Blue: Curettage and debridement
Green: Root End

Basic Set Includes the following Jetip Instruments: JX1 JX2, JX5, JEX, JPP, JE1, JE2, JE3, JE4, JC1, JC2, JC3, JC4, JC9, JC10, JC11, JC12, JC13, JC15, JC16, JM1, JM2, JM3, JM4, JP3, JP6, JP7, and JB2.

Also includes: MTA Pallet, micro-mirrors and handle, wrench, and cassette.

Suture Set includes the following Instruments: 1 castroviejo, 1 micro-scissor, 1 tissue forcep, 1 blade handle, 1 micro-mirror handle, and 3 different micro-mirrors