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How do I return or exchange an item?

Within 30 days of purchase:
  • Unopened items are 100% refundable (excluding shipping charges)
  • Opened Alpha II and Beta units are refundable with a 15% restocking fee (excluding shipping charges)
After 30 days of purchase - within 45 days of purchase:
  • Unopened items can only be exchanged or given store credit (excluding shipping charges)
  • Opened Alpha II and Beta units cannot be exchanged or refunded
Regardless of purchase date:
  • Opened ultrasonic tips, gutta percha, Alpha II pluggers & Beta needles cannot be exchanged or refunded

To return any item for a refund or exchange, please contact our office by phone (703) 272- 7598 or email customerservice@bnlbio.com.

To send in repairs, download an RMA form (RMA # is the date mmdayyear) and fill it out, detailing the problem with your unit and send the form with the unit in to our office at:

B&L Biotech
Attn: Repairs
3959 Pender Drive
Suite 350
Fairfax, VA 22030

Depending on the problem, you will need to send in the following:

Body cracks for Hot Shot/Beta: Plunger + Unit

Body cracks for Alpha/Hot Tip: Unit

Charging/heating problem (error message) for Beta/Hot Shot/Hot Tip/Alpha: Unit + charging base + power cord

Error message with Alpha Pluggers: Unit + Defective Pluggers

The repair team conducts a full body evaluation in addition to evaluating the problem you indicated. Once the repair team receives your unit, the office will call your office in 1-2 business days with an evaluation and estimate of repair costs. Upon approval and payment confirmation, the repair team will then move forward with the repairs.

Loaners are also available to customers needing a unit during their repair for $50, which includes shipping/handling. The office can send you the loaner first, prior to you sending the repair, so that you are not without a device. If you are in need of a loaner, download a Loaner Contract, indicating what loaners are needed. Fax the form to 703-272-7598 or email it to customerservice@bnlbio.com.

Discus Hot Tip Customers
In 2010, Discus began upgrading Hot Tips from the 8-slotted to the 6-slotted. We highly recommend doctors upgrade to the 6-slotted as the 8-slotted pluggers are no longer in the market. The upgrade is $175 which includes: changing tip from 8- to 6-slotted cap, new motherboard, and 3 replacement pluggers. Please follow the instructions below if you need an upgrade:

1. Download this Hot Tip Upgrade Form and indicate which 3 pluggers you are sending in so we replace them with the correct sizes

2. Send the form with the Hot Tip and 3 old pluggers to our office:

B&L Biotech
Attn: Repairs/Hot Tip Upgrade
3959 Pender Drive
Suite 350
Fairfax, VA 22030

3. If you want to purchase more pluggers at the time of the upgrade, you can purchase them at a discounted price
$89 pluggers --> $45
$104 pluggers --> $55

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